These are the terms and conditions you must agree to prior to using our services.
Please refer to them when you need to clarify any concerns about Wealth Network Support Foundation (“Wealth Network”) and what practices are required in this business. Wealth Network Support Foundation reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without first informing you.

This Terms of Service (“Agreement”) is a contract between you and Wealth Network Support Foundation (owners of Wealth Network) that applies to your use of the Wealth Network service and any related products and services (“Service”) available through Wealth (“Site”).

In this Agreement, “you” or “your” means any member or person or entity (“Users”) using the Wealth Network Service. Unless otherwise stated, “Wealth Network Support Foundation”, “”, “we” or “our” or “us” will refer collectively to Wealth Network Support Foundation, its officers, Board of Trustees, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, employees and suppliers.


All users of this site agree that access to and use of Wealth Network website is subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site. If after disagreeing and then proceed to use the service, we shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from your use of our website.

Wealth Network is a non-governmental organization, a platform for empowering and assisting individuals globally. We DO NOT accept or allow the following types of contents (ventures) on the Wealth Network website, blog, or social media pages: Gambling, Adult Content (porn, soft porn, sites with adult ads), Pharmacy (Cheap Drugs, Viagra, Male/Female enhancement, etc.), Hate, Link Farms or Spam Sites. We do not permit contents for businesses involving explosives, arms, ammunition, deadly chemicals, weapons, and superstitious services, as well as other products or services considered morally, religiously, socially, or health-wise wrong. We have the discretion to cancel your membership at once if we find out this was carried out without notifying us. We will not explain our decision or reasons for removing such contents and authors from the Wealth Network website.


Wealth Network is a membership-based organization. By joining our NGO, you agree to pay a one-time, life-time, non-refundable R200 as a membership fee. This fee is considered your contribution towards the Wealth Network vision of empowering people and the world, as well as participation in our benefit (compensation) plan business opportunity.


Wealth Network offers the following guarantee. If you register for membership and for some reason you decide that you would like a refund, there shall be no guarantee. There shall be no refund after payment whatsoever. By completing an online application and making payments of $35, you agree not to be refunded.


All members should read and abide by this Codes of Conduct. As a member, you agree:

  1. Not to make use of the Wealth Network, Wealth Network Support Foundation or related organization’s name, literature, photos, digital products, platforms, or resources to advance the course of other business interests (i.e. draw traffic, direct or indirect selling, advertising, etc);
  2. To be an Ambassador for Wealth Network through living an acceptable standard of life with honesty and integrity;
  3. To avoid practices that will connote or imply Wealth Network as a Pyramid, Ponzi, or law-breaking scheme;
  4. Not to present Wealth Network as a “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme to prospects;
  5. Not to deceptively lure people into the Benefit Plan but to clearly, accurately, and honestly state the actions required for each incentive, reward, or level of success;
  6. Not to defame, libel, or make negative remarks about Wealth Network or its Trustees, Advisers, Partners, Directors, Executives, Employees, Representatives, Model, Members, Services, Activities;
  7. To do your utmost best to promote and support the growth and success of Wealth Network as your own business;
  8. Not to do anything that will bring about pain, loss, disappointment, in earnings, rewards, prospects, or growth to another member in this marketing business or to Wealth Network;
  9. To do your best to manage your sales team with professionalism, courtesy, and respect. This includes people who are not in your immediate sales team;
  10. Not to use promotional or marketing materials of Wealth Network for another organization activities or to produce marketing materials of any kind for sale to other promoters without the prior written permission from the organization.
  11. To not directly or indirectly solicit, promote, sponsor or recruit any Wealth Network member or partner to join, promote, sell, or purchase products of, or participate in any other multi-level or unilevel marketing or direct sales company. Violation of this rule will result in termination of your membership and all benefits that accrues to your membership;
    12.To follow laid down instructions and Procedures regarding the operations of your business.


A Wealth Network member is any individual who has duly completed and submitted an application which is accepted by Wealth Network. He is considered to be a paid member who is entitled to cash and gift incentives as far as he or she partakes in the Benefit Plan of Wealth Network. For a new registration to be complete, member must accept our Terms and Conditions or click “Submit.”;

-Wealth Network reserves the right to accept or reject any application for membership without recourse to explain the reasons for the rejection;
-No Member of Wealth Network is an agent or employee of Wealth Network. All Members are responsible for all costs and expenses incurred during the process of their participation in the Wealth Network plan;
-A Member must be of legal age in their respective country. If a Member must be below the legal age, they must have the consent of a senior, parent, or guardian;
-A Member must have only one Sponsor (direct upline) except in cases of multiple accounts;
-Members may sponsor each other;
-All members are required to fulfill their individual demands in the Benefit Plan to qualify for the benefits therein. Members may devise strategies or approaches of building their businesses as a team for individual growth (like organizing of seminars, roadshows, outreaches, workshops, etc. Note: If you will require a growth strategy from the Administration, please, get in touch);
-There are no such thing as changing of Sponsor; a Member cannot quit being on a downline and rejoin under a different sponsor name. Members are only allowed the liberty of owning more than one account which may be spread in not more than two Sponsor’s name.
-Members co-sponsoring themselves shall be responsible for the overall behavior and activity of their partner (e.g. spouse to spouse, parents to children, etc and vice versa). If one partner shall engage in unruly or demeaning activities that dents the image of Wealth Network in any manner, both members may be sanctioned for the breach, which may lead to a termination of their membership and the benefits that may accrue.


Collection of Member’s information as contained on the Application Form (both online and offline) is not just a formality but a process of both authentication and accreditation. Members must at all time give accurate information at registration or update same before receiving any benefits due. Each member should update details of their account including their names, email address, contact address, bank account details, and mobile phone number. This information helps Wealth Network to send periodic newsletters or updates. Wealth Network will not be responsible for any form of loss as a result of giving or inputting wrong information into the Registration Form.


Your password is the key to your account and must be guarded with all seriousness. Members must keep their password information as confidential as possible. Kindly notify Wealth Network promptly in any case when there is a security compromise on your account or if you have lost your password. Wealth Network has industry standard security protocol that protects the security of online transactions. However, Wealth Network does not warrant such security and will not be liable for any losses or damages resulting from such security breaches.


When using our various platforms (Websites, Blogs, Social Media Pages, etc) you MAY be opted in to receive email updates from us. You may unsubscribe at anytime by sending an email with the subject “UNSUBSCRIBE ME” to or use the unsubscribe link in the emails we send to you from time to time.


In the event that a Wealth Network service is mistakenly listed at an incorrect price, Wealth Network reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for service at the incorrect price. Wealth Network reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such ordered service whether or not it has been paid for by bank transfers, credit card, PayPal, online accounts, etc).


Partaking in the Compensation Plan of Wealth Network is the drive of membership in the organization, which helps the vision of Wealth Network become actualized. All Members are obliged to use the marketing strategy of the organization to engage in the Compensation Plan. Members build their marketing business by introducing the Plan to interested prospects. It is the member’s responsibility to guide the prospects to a state they can stand on their own. Prospects have the liberty to choose their Sponsor, so does all members at registration. When there is an issue among members on sponsorship of new members or their genealogy, this should be reported to the organization immediately. Only the organization has the final say on such issues.

-When explaining the Benefit Plan of Wealth Network to prospects, members must state the true facts and not overstate the possibility of earnings from partaking in the business opportunity as bait to getting prospects.
-A sponsoring member must update and equip themselves with adequate knowledge of the activities, processes, and plans of Wealth Network so as to be able to accurately and convincingly address a prospect. Members should ensure to stress how the degree of success relates to individual’s inputs (in attempt to help the organization and member’s marketing business grow).

-Rather than state false facts to a prospect or new member, a sponsoring member should refer the other to an upline sponsor or a more experienced colleague in another genealogy for mentoring. No member must reject helping a new prospect with information for the fact that he does not benefit from their membership directly or indirectly. Helping others in Wealth Network must be without let or hindrance.


Phishing Sponsorship, Cross-Lining or Cross Sponsoring applies to member attempting to draw members who are not in their team or immediate genealogy to become a member on their team. Wealth Network members must NOT introduce already registered or active members of Wealth Network to other similar opportunities unless the person is a personally introduced member or a relative. A “sponsor’s relative or venture” is any person in the household of the sponsoring member (e.g. spouse, son, daughter, parent) or any registered venture (corporation, partnership, limited liability company, trust or other legal entity) owned or managed by the sponsoring member.

Phishing Sponsorship or Cross sponsoring is highly considered offensive and thus strictly prohibited. Violating this may result in the immediate termination of the membership and benefits (including parties to the offense).


Members of Wealth Network are only representatives of the organization acting in the capacity of independent promoters or support partners. Thus, NO member has authority to enter into business or private obligations with its partners or external bodies whatsoever. NO member of Wealth Network must consider themselves as agent, employee, or any other legal representative, service providers of Wealth Network. The relationship between members and Wealth Network is explained and established only by this Agreement.

All members pledge to abide by any laws (national, federal, state, provincial, county or local), including all rules and regulations relating to this Agreement. Wealth Network is not responsible for member’s taxes or tariffs that may result from membership or partaking in the Benefit Plan of Wealth Network. All costs to make, execute and file for reports and licenses required by any governing body with respect to this Agreement shall be born by the member.


Members will not use the Wealth Network trade names and/or trademarks, model, concept, Benefit Plan, titles, except to promote the interest of the organization ONLY. Members, when permissible, will ensure to represent themselves as an independent representative and that all marketing efforts are accountable to the member and not the organization.
Members must not undertake in the marketing and sales of promotional/marketing materials of Wealth Network for profit. Both the members selling and buying will be sanctioned for such act. All members must note that none of the above act guarantees or qualifies members for any compensation.

Members must create marketing materials in line with our vision and not outside of it. Wealth Network makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the use, efficacy to guarantee results for members with respect to any such marketing material unless otherwise stated in writing.


Third-Party Marketing Materials are promotional and marketing materials created by members for their use in their undertaking with Wealth Network benefit plan. Members have the liberty to create their own marketing materials. All marketing materials produced by members bearing Wealth Network, Wealth Network Support Foundation, logos, trademarks, trade names or benefit plan MUST first be approved by our Compliance Department before used.

To do the above, members should request a Compliance Approval Form through Support email. You may be required to forward a soft-copy of the material to be produced for verification. Wealth Network shall not be liable, accountable, or responsible for any material breach in content including the quality, accuracy, completeness, legality, or usefulness of any information, product, service or process promoted by member on any member’s platform like website, blog, large formats, or other marketing materials.

No reference from a member’s website or marketing materials to products, services, processes, hypertext links to third parties or other information by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise shall be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by Wealth Network.

Members must not in any means whatsoever make use of Wealth Network and its related terms to promote personal affairs which does not have a direct or indirect bearing to the organization. Going against this term shall imply impersonation or defamation of character on the offending member.


Wealth Network is the only authorized source for creating, writing, and producing approved literature for use by Members. All promotional material found anywhere on the website of Wealth Network are approved content for download for purpose of producing hardcopies (like prints) and softcopy (like use as Display Picture “DP”, copying to disc for promotional use to prospects at gatherings). In any case, literature may not be altered or added in such a way that the meaning shall be misconstrued.


All materials for use must go through Compliance Process, which involves filling a Compliance Form (CFORM), sending to the Compliance Department together with an exact copy of the softcopy material to be produced by email. Submissions will be reviewed and approved within 24hours.


-All activities relating to Wealth Network online must be done on the Wealth Network website, blog, and social media platform ONLY.

-Members must be aware that the Wealth Network website will from time-to-time undergo periodic maintenance or encounter unexpected technical problems. Wealth Network Technical Department will do all in its power to promptly resolve any issues without causing damage to members. Information about periodic or unexpected updates shall be posted on the website and all other channels for member’s awareness. When this happens, members will be required to corporate with Wealth Network team (give time for their complaints to be resolved later) and if possible desist from carrying out sensitive activities (like requesting payout) until all issues are certifiably resolved.

-Members should cooperate with the Technical Department who may require member’s information. NO member should give out his passwords to ANYONE without contacting the Customer Care Department for confirmation. Wealth Network shall not be responsible for problems, losses, or damages arising from loss of connectivity; errors in content due to application problems; loss of access by Members; or temporary or permanent loss of data.


Members agree to represent all aspects to a prospect regarding the Benefit Plan and reward system. Members may not give false promises not contained in this Agreement or in Wealth Network corporate literature, marketing and promotional materials whether in print, video, audio or any other form of advertisement/promotion.

If any representation by a Wealth Network member not stated in this Agreement and/or official company materials, and the member breaches the promise, such member shall be responsible to reimburse the prospect at their own expense. Recourse to the prospect shall be made against the member and not Wealth Network.

Members who have made false promises they believe they cannot fulfill must report such promises made to Wealth Network. At the discretion of Wealth Network, same shall be investigated, validated, and necessary course of action taken, which may include penalizing the erring member.


By partaking in the Wealth Network Benefit Plan through direct or indirect promotion, referral, or recommendation, members earn cash and rewards as contained in the Wealth Network Benefit Plan. Terms and Conditions for partaking in the benefit plan are contained in this Agreement, which all members agree and abide by. A Member understands they are bound by the terms hereof and that the member will only participate in the benefit plan upon the acceptance of a valid membership application.

To earn at minimum in the Benefit Plan, members MUST invite, refer, recommend, introduce, register, or sign up 3 minimum persons. Members can accomplish the above using their unique referral link contained in their profile page or through direct contact marketing or any other positive strategy. Members are responsible for their own marketing expenses and earnings. ALL members agree that any reward earned is a direct effect of their marketing efforts. Wealth Network does not guarantee earnings or rewards to members unless terms in the Benefit Plan are fulfilled.
Members MUST draw the attention of new members in their marketing team to the policies and procedures, the Benefit Plan, the structure and processes, earnings, incentives, etc.


Members realize that any rewards or earnings gained through Wealth Network’s Benefit Plan are the result of member’s effort achieved through promoting, referring, or signing up prospects. Growth in the Benefit plan represented by Stage Advancement is not dependent on the introduction of other members only but in their ability to do same or replicate the process.

There are no promises or guarantee that a member is accrued earnings or rewards from Wealth Network or its Benefit Plan by just becoming a paid member of Wealth Network. Any rewards or income earned is a direct result of the marketing efforts of the member and other members in their sales team.


Members must not misrepresent Wealth Network anytime, anywhere, or in any manner.
Misrepresentation in this Agreement includes, but not necessarily limited to the following:
-Failing to clearly advise or bring to notice of prospects that there is no benefit accrued solely for enrolling or sponsoring new members only.
-Failing to inform prospects that there is no other fee to join other than the Membership Fee of $35USD or Wealth Network equivalent in various countries currencies.
-Falsely stating that a prospect may achieve specific earnings or rewards or growth through the use of the marketing plan. Unless otherwise stated that the potential achievements varies due to members’ efforts, geographic location, timing and other factors.


Members agree that the Policies contained in this Agreement may from time to time undergo changes to reflect new benefits, opportunities, services, registration fees, marketing plan and reward incentives. In the case of such changes, members shall be notified via email or SMS contact contained in their account details as well as posting updates on all channels (social media, blog, website of Wealth Network, etc). It is the responsibility of each member to ensure the email address listed in their account is valid and that they follow our social media channels/blog for the latest updates. Members agree to abide by all changes that are effected from time to time.


Members agree to bear the charges for any withdrawal done by or to them. Wealth Network will deduct a Withdrawal Fee for each bank account withdrawal made by a Wealth Network account holding member. The fee charged shall be 4% for Bank wire of the amount to be withdrawn and 2% (for Solid Trust Pay or Perfect money). Other means of transfer shall be determined.


The Wealth Network benefit and marketing plan, stage in the plan, their sales team details, and official company literature are all proprietary information. Members understand and consider the above as the sole trade secrets of Wealth Network.

Members agree not to directly or indirectly disclose or use any of said confidential or proprietary information except to promote Wealth Network business plan or benefit opportunity as contained in this Agreement. This provision shall be valid even at the expiration or termination of this Agreement for a period of one business year.


Wealth Network membership account and benefits are transferable to an extent. Members may sell, or WILL on to its “living beneficiary” its interests in its income, further earning, and future earning potentials, which shall be transferred to the beneficiary.

To initiate a valid transfer of account ownership or sale, the original Members must supply a signed letter by both parties detailing that the sale has been made as well as providing details of the new owner including all profile account details. The same document should be emailed to Only at the approval of the transfer by email can ownership be said to have been effected.

A member who previously sold their account CANNOT re-join Wealth Network until after 10months as members.


Wealth Network ensures that all incentives from partners and sponsors are at good condition. But this is not to warrant that they will be without defects. Product incentives must be received on a “as-is” basis. The following also applies,

-Shape, color, size, and brand of incentives are determined by Wealth Network subject to availability
-Incentive can be exchanged for cash at 20% deduction charge subject to Wealth Network’s acceptance. Incentives are meant to promote the work of Wealth Network.
-Not all incentives are exchangeable for cash. Wealth Network determines when and how exchange occurs.
-Incentives are awarded to members subject to availability of the items.


A member may cancel their Agreement with Wealth Network by notifying Wealth Network by email of Customer Care or Admin. Members who cancel their accounts CANNOT re-join as member until after 10months after the cancellation. Wealth Network reserves the right to allow a member who previously cancelled their membership to re-join again.


Wealth Network membership account is fully transferable in accordance with the terms of a Will. In the absence of a Will, the successor shall be the rightful heir pursuant to the applicable interstate succession laws. For membership accounts owned by a corporation (or some other type of legal entity), no change in the ownership of the Account upon the death of an owner of that corporation, etc shall be made. The corporation shall continue to be the rightful owner of the Wealth Network Account even though the corporation ownership changes.


Members indemnifies and agrees not to hold Wealth Network against any claims made by any third party whatsoever, and any related damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees), as a result of members’ conduct, the replicated website of member, members account, or any violation of this agreement by the member.


Wealth Network makes no warranties, express or implied, related to the “Wealth Network Benefit Plan”, services, business structure, processes, including but not limited to warranties of social/community support services. Wealth Network will not be liable to any member for direct, indirect, causal, unintentional, special or consequential damages, such as (but not limited to) loss of earnings, profits, or business interruption, as a result of or connected to the use of, or inability to use, the “Wealth Network Benefit Plan”, related services, or marketing materials made available to members. The total liability of Wealth Network for any and all damages arising from or connected with this Agreement, the “Wealth Network Benefit Plan” or the services, or marketing materials provided to any member shall not exceed 50% of the total fee paid by the member to Wealth Network.


In the case of a breach by a member of the provisions of this Agreement, violation of any or all the applicable law or regulation or engages in any false, misleading or unfair marketing practice, including but not limited to, making misleading earnings potential representations or making false income/rewards promises to prospects that cannot be kept by member, shall herein construe a “Violation”). Any such Violation shall be grounds for the imposition of penalty, as set forth hereinafter.

Penalty may include but not limited to suspension of the Member, (including suspension of earnings or rewards due then), Blocking of Account during the period of investigation of the alleged Violation.

In the case of a Violation, the Member shall be notified of the alleged Violation by e-mail or phone and shall have seven business days thereafter to respond in writing ONLY accompanied by supporting documents, failing which, the Organization can consider the allegations to be valid. If at the end of the investigation it is determined that the violation is valid and that Member is to be penalized, the date of the imposition of the penalty shall be at the discretion of the Organization, including

-the date of the notice of penalty;
-the date of the notice of the alleged violation;
-the date on which suspension, if any, occurred, or
-any other current date;
-any other relevant information to the claim.

When a member is suspended or banned from the Wealth Network Benefit Plan, incomes and/or earned, if any, as of the date of the imposition of the penalty, shall not be paid. Any such payments not paid shall be deemed to be payment for the damages suffered by Organization for the Violation (“liquidated damages”). A member convicted of a violation shall have one appeal to any decision to impose a penalty to be reviewed. In this case, the member must provide any additional material that may support their claim thereof within seven business days after notice of the penalty is imposed. Wealth Network shall then pass its final decision to the member to which he cannot appeal thereafter. The option for imposing penalties for Violations on members by Wealth Network shall include any but not limited to:

-Blocking of the Member’s Wealth Network account;
-Denial or revocation of any earning or reward earned;
-Denial of earning from sponsored downlines, matrix bonus or from downline activities;
-Imposition of a fine in an amount to be determined by the Wealth Network; and/or Termination of the Member’s Agreement.

No extension of time or indulgence granted by Wealth Network to the members shall be deemed in any way to effect, prejudice or derogate from the rights of Wealth Network in any respect under this Agreement, nor shall it in any way be regarded a waiver of any rights by Wealth Network hereinunder in this Agreement.


The official language of this Agreement is that contained by this Agreement. The English version of this Agreement, as maintained by Wealth Network is the official version and shall control over any other language version(s) which may be made available for ease of reference for some members. As used by Wealth Network, the term, “invite/refer/introduce” and words of similar import are used to describe the enrollment/promotional or sales activities of members. Likewise, when the term, “sign up” and words of similar import are used to describe the referral and recruiting activities of members, this is an abbreviated reference to the team building activities of Members and it is understood that the agreement by which one becomes a Member is between the Organization and the recruited prospect and not between the new member and the referring member.

“Invite Bonus” also means “Referral Bonus”, “Completion Bonus” also means “Matrix Bonus”, and “Success Bonus” also means “StepOut Bonus.”


If Member has enrolled in a “Wealth Network Service Offering Opportunity”, the User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy are incorporated herein as if fully set forth.


This Agreement constitutes the entire body of agreement between the parties concerned on the subject matter hereof, and no other additional promises, representations, guarantees or agreements of any kind shall be valid concerning such subject matter unless in writing and signed by an authorized official of Wealth Network.


Wealth Network is not responsible for its Member’s actions under any circumstances especially in cases of wrongful and or unlawful activities.


A Member acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and agrees to the terms set forth in this Agreement. A member acknowledges understanding that this Agreement only becomes enforceable when accepted.


Wealth Network herein set forth acceptable Anti-Spam policy determining activities on the part of an Organization, Members will not be tolerated under any circumstances. These policies will be enforced to insure Wealth Network continually maintains a high reputation. Thus, Wealth Network will immediately terminate any Member found engaging in spamming activities. Members shall be liable to pay a sum of $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars) for each reported and validated spamming activity as a penalty and damage charge. Wealth Network pledges to immediately report the alleged “Spamming Member” to relevant state and federal authorities of such activity as it is a crime in many jurisdictions to spam.

Any Member, person or entity found spamming will have their relationship to Wealth Network sever when Organization receives any such complaints from any part of the Internet community and validates same. Illegal spamming activity includes posting identical or substantially similar articles to an excessive (more than 3) number of news groups or continued posting of articles which are of topic for a newsgroup; Sending unsolicited mass (to more than 10 users) emailing which provoke complaints from the recipients or where the recipients have not agreed, prior to such mailing to accept such emails. Unsolicited commercial advertisements will be treated as illegal Spam.



Wealth Network does not and cannot review all communications and materials posted to or created by users accessing the site, and are not in any manner responsible for the content of these communications and materials. You acknowledge that by providing you with the ability to view and distribute user-generated content on the site, Wealth Network is merely acting as an intermediary for such distribution and is not undertaking any obligation or liability relating to any contents or activities on the site. However, Wealth Network reserves the right to block or remove communications or materials that it determines to be (a) abusive, defamatory, or obscene, (b) fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading, (c) in violation of a copyright, trademark or; other intellectual property right of another or (d) offensive or otherwise unacceptable to Wealth Network in its sole discretion.


Wealth Network will comply with any Anti-Money Laundering laws of any country that it exists. Wealth Network will carry out due diligence on our members and ensure that all applicable laws and regulations necessary to forestall and prevent money laundering. These include confirming the identity of our members by means of:

-Government-issued photo ID or Number
-Proof of residential or business address
-Phone Number
-Any other applicable documentation

We reserve due rights to carry out these checks without first informing you or needing additional approval. Wealth Network reserves to withhold earnings of members when suspicion arise that it may be connected to money laundering, criminal activity or any other predicate offense to money laundering. We may even be forced to request a refund of any money that members have received beforehand as a result of participating in our compensation plan.

Where Wealth Network receives, during registration, documentation, payment, or at any other times, deceptive documentation, contact details, or other false information, or similar falsehood, Wealth Network will terminate the account belonging to the offending member. CrowdPenny is legally bound to report false documentations and processing to relevant authorities and as such the subject may be subject to a criminal investigation.


Wealth Network will conduct verification through available worldwide databases using information collected during registration and verification stages of our services. We will comply with all Economic & Financial Crime institutions/requirements as contained in various Acts, global sanction reports and government watchlists on screening processes. We will comply with all relevant international counter-terrorism bodies in every country. Individuals must comply when required to submit additional information for carrying out the above processes.

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